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AC / Heat Repair

AC / Heat Repair

When the Colorado weather swings from scorching heat to freezing cold, rely on Randy’s Auto Service for top-tier AC and heat repair, ensuring your comfort on the roads.

Alignment Service

Count on Randy’s Auto Service for precise wheel alignment services that ensure your vehicle drives smoothly and safely on the streets.
Brake Repair In Broomfield, CO


Trust Randy’s Auto Service for expert brake repair, delivering the stopping power and safety you need on the roads.
Cooling System In Broomfield, CO

Cooling System

Turn to Randy’s Auto Service for comprehensive cooling system repair, keeping your engine at the perfect temperature as you cruise.
Diagnostics In Broomfield, CO

Diagnostic Services

Rely on the advanced diagnostic services at Randy’s Auto Service to accurately identify and address any issues, ensuring your vehicle runs at its best.
Drivetrain / Differential In Broomfield, CO


For expert drivetrain and differential repair, look no further than Randy’s Auto Service, where we ensure every drive is smooth and reliable.
Electrical/Starting In Broomfield, CO

Electrical/ Starting

At Randy’s Auto Service, we specialize in meticulous electrical and starter repairs, guaranteeing a reliable ignition every time you start your journey.
Engine Repair In Broomfield, CO

Engine Repair

Depend on Randy’s Auto Service for comprehensive engine repair, where we tackle everything from minor tweaks to major overhauls to keep you powering through.
Exhaust System In Broomfield, CO

Exhaust System

Randy’s Auto Service is your go-to for exhaust repairs, ensuring your vehicle runs quietly and efficiently while meeting environmental standards.
Factory Scheduled Maintenance In Broomfield, CO

Scheduled Maintenance

Stick with Randy’s Auto Service for diligent factory scheduled maintenance to keep your car in peak condition and uphold its value as you drive.
Fluid Exchanges In Broomfield, CO

Fluid Exchanges

Count on Randy’s Auto Service for thorough fluid exchanges that protect the life and performance of your vehicle as you navigate.
Oil Changes In Broomfield, CO

Oil Changes

Swing by Randy’s Auto Service for a quick, efficient oil change that’ll keep your engine purring and your travels smooth.

Steering /Suspension

For expert steering and suspension repair, Randy’s Auto Service ensures your vehicle handles every turn and bump with ease as you travel.
Tires In Broomfield, CO

Tires Services

Randy’s Auto Service offers comprehensive tire services, from rotations to replacements, ensuring your wheels are ready to grip the road and go the distance.
Transmission In Broomfield, CO

Transmission Repair

Randy’s Auto Service provides top-notch transmission repair, maintaining smooth gear shifts and reliable performance on all your drives.

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